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The number of elderly people in Japan has been increasing due to its declining birthrate and death rate as well as the increasing life expectancy of its citizens. In view of such circumstances Oita University established a new engineering department whose main purpose is to gain a better understanding of human functions and to improve machine systems. The goal of the mechatronics programme is to educate students in the field of mechatronics and assistive technology and to promote mechatronics equipment for improving social welfare.

The curriculum consists of two areas of concentration: Bioinformatics and Human System Engineering. Bioinformatics focuses on studying the human body’s sensory and mental functions by applying mechanical or mathematical control logic models, and in this way, we hope to learn more about sensorimotor functions and to help people with physical disabilities. The aim of the human system engineering area of study is to use electrical and mechanical engineering technology to expand barrier-free environments so that the citizens may have a better quality of life. The aim of research and education of this program is to develop devices that can assist the rehabilitation of handicapped people and to develop more efficient and user-friendly man-machine system.

Contact Information:
Mechatronics Program,
Department of Architecture and Mechatronics,
Faculty of Engineering, Oita University
700, Dannoharu,
Oita, 870-1192, Japan
Fax (Dept. Office): +81-97-554-7507
Email: fukushi(at)oita-u.ac.jp